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Made and Distributed In The U.S.A.


Manufactured by Sare Plastics in Alliance, Ohio and shipped all over the country.

SUREBOND SB-190 Everseal
SUREBOND SB-190 Everseal Price: $9.75




SB-190 Everseal

Versatile, high strength, hard setting, one-part sealant. Superb tensile strength with excellent impact resistance. Water and weather proof.

APPLICATION: Interface and surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil and water proofing and release agents. Cut cartridge nozzle at slant to 1/4 hole and puncture inner seal, apply bead size as desired. Apply uniform bead with steady pressure. Tool immediately after application to ensure full contact with both sides of the joint area. Sealant starts to skin over in 20-25 minutes. Minimum application temperature of 50 F.

CLEANING: While uncured, remove excess material from tools with naptha or mineral spirits. See cautions on cleaner labels.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months.

STORAGE: Unopened containers should be stored in a cool,dry area. Keep above 40 F before use.

CAUTION: For industrial use only. Skin and eye irritant. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with or breathing in of vapor and use adequate ventilation. Material on skin should be wiped and washed off with soap and water. For eyes, flush with water and seek medical attention.

PACKAGING: 10.3 oz. cartridge.

COLOR: Translucent.


VOC: 370 g/l 40% by weight
Cure Time: 28 Days Using 1/8 Bead
Tack-free Time: 18-24 Hours ASTM-C679 Test Method
Tensile Strength: 2000 PSI ASTM-D412 Test Method
Tear Strength Over 300: PLI ASTM D-624 Test Method
Elongation: 500% fully cured ASTM-D412 Test Method
Staining: None TT-S-00230C Test Method
Hardness, Shore A: 70-80 TT-S-00230C Test Method
Viscosity: 43,000 CPS


High strength
Excellent memory
Hard setting
One part
Weather resistant
Fast skinning


Durable bond to material
Allows for movement of dissimilar
Does not become brittle or crack
Easy application
Long service life
Minimizes dirt and dust pickup
Easy to match substrate

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